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Thanks To New Spring Church, this add is running in our theater for Launch! Super impressed with our team for pulling this one off, and excited about the traffic it will generate.


Before we began the process of planting The Movement Church, Meghan and I made a decision that our church was going to be a “Church planting church.” We have hopes of launching multiple campuses in the future as God allows, but we also want to partner with churches that are not under the umbrella of The Movement Church. Even in the infancy stages of launching here in Orange County, our team of volunteers rallied around this idea and we’ve been able to partner with what God is doing through three amazing churches.

The following are the churches we have and will continue to partner with. We believe in the Vision that God has given each Pastoring couple and I think you should pray about linking arms with them as they prepare to reach people who do not know Jesus.

I Heart Church, Beckley WV. (Launching in 4 days) 

Passionate Life Church, Denver CO. (Launching in January)

Experience Church, Calgary Alberta, (Launching in September)

I encourage you to take a moment and ask the lord what he might have you do. These are incredible churches who are bent on reaching people who need an encounter with Jesus. Let be committed to making a difference everywhere we can. 


Change. Conflict. Growth. 

I had the opportunity to hear Ed Young Jr. speak at The ARC All Access conference this year and I have not been able to forget one thing he said.

Change brings Conflict, and Conflict creates Growth!

Often we run from change, and avoid conflict like it’s the plague. But I am finding that Change and Conflict are two healthy components to any success.

Change comes in many shapes and sizes. 

  • It can look like a failed attempt at something. 
      • In the midst of planting The Movement Church we are doing EVERYTHING we can to spread the word about what God is doing. We have started various initiatives in a creative attempt to reach more. Many have succeeded, and some have failed. We’ve found that in order for us to be successful, everything we do must have an “Expiration Date.” We’ve given ourselves the freedom to say something is not working and Change it!
    • Every time we make changes Conflict arises and I love it!
      • I look for conflict. I’m like a conflict junky. Often I’ll ask questions knowing it may create conflict in our team meetings. Let me tell you why. Conflict brings out our true colors, conflict uncovers our weakness and insecurities, and conflict is the biggest catalyst for change! 
      • Conflict reveals a problem, but better yet presents an opportunity to create a SOLUTION. One of the most beautiful moments to behold is a team of people, facing conflict, and rallying around a solution. It’s a fourth quarter, now or never offense. Unforgettable moments like, “The Catch" & "The Drive.” Moments that will live in infamy! (I apologize to those of you who are not sports fans) More importantly, a team of people, facing conflict,  rallying for the solution is the very thing that changes history. 

When we a not afraid of change, or even create it if need be,  it produces conflict. Conflict, which if harnessed correctly, can be a catalyst for GROWTH in our lives. 

Welcome Change.

Embrace Conflict.

Experience Growth. 


Suck at praying?
You don’t have to suck at praying. We’re following the teaching of Jesus to learn how!